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Join a team of good people making smart software for the insurance industry

ProNavigator is a venture-backed insurtech company on an exciting growth path. We build software, powered by machine learning and natural language processing, that helps insurance companies boost their operational efficiency, improve team satisfaction, and win more clients.

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“You're given the time to experiment—see if it works, see what the results are, compare them. We know we're going to fail sometimes on the way to getting it right so the expectation is that we're always learning."
Data Science Lead, ProNavigator

Grow your career at ProNavigator

We’re a tech startup with all the excitement, flexibility, and room for growth that brings. At the same time, we’ve proven a market need for our product and our clients love it. The upside looks pretty sweet. Here’s what you can expect when you join the team.

ProNav careers rocket growth


We've been named a Canadian Rocketship—a place that can launch and accelerate your career—by TechTO.


We’re solving machine learning problems that no one else is. If you love puzzles and problem-solving, you’ll love it here.


The work you do as a ProNavver has an impact in the real world. You’ll help us spark positive change and innovation in an established industry.


Recognition feels good, doesn’t it? We know it, so we make sure to share it in ways both big and small.


The compensation & benefits package is competitive. Hey, we’re no deep-pocketed Google but we pay well.


We understand you have commitments, families, and lives outside of work. Hours and time off can flex to your needs.

Remote Work

Right now, our team is fully enabled for remote work.

Open Minds

Who wants to do things the way they’ve always been done? Not this crew. We value new ideas and perspectives.

Helping Hands

ProNavvers are friendly, collaborative, and ready to pitch in. You’ll notice it on your first day and every day.

“For me, the main thing is the idea of innovation in such an old industry. I like working at a company that’s innovating at such a high scale and setting new standards”
Content Specialist, ProNavigator

ProNavigator Values

This is how we change the world.

People come first

Relationships matter. Life happens—empathize. We value a diversity of people, opinions & experience.

Be bold & move fast

Try new things—it’s OK to make mistakes along the way. Push yourself and others to grow. Play to win.

Transparency is key

Communicate openly and frequently. Be honest. Say it like it is. Be generous with what you know.

Bulls run together

We win and lose as a team. Collaboration makes us stronger. Assume everyone's good intentions. Help each other celebrate wins and learn from losses.

Own the outcome

Believe in the work. Take pride in what you do. Honor your commitments.

Embrace simplicity

Simple is beautiful. Cut through the complexity. Put in the work to make it easy for others.

“I really like that my voice matters here. Everyone is encouraged to think. It’s great to be given a problem and be able to run with it, but also know you have colleagues you can collaborate with if you want to talk it through.”
Software Developer, ProNavigator