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      Quick Facts: The Company
      ProNavigator Logo

      Insurtech company focused on AI, machine learning, and natural language processing.

      Key product: Sage, an AI-powered knowledge management system

      Founded in 2016

      HQ’d in Kitchener, ON

      125+ customers in Canada & the US


      Contact Information

      Mitja Alexander Linss
      Sr Director Marketing
      Phone: (617) 835-0854

      Backgrounder: Joseph D’Souza, CEO
      Joseph D’Souza, CEO

      Successful serial entrepreneur

      Co-founded ProNavigator with an actuary after an unfortunate customer service experience with his insurer

      Previously founded LifeSong, a successful events company, and sold it in 2012

      Areas of commentary:

      • Insurtech
      • AI and machine learning
      • Customer experience in the insurance industry
      • Starting and scaling a successful company
      Product Profile: Sage
      Product Profile: Sage

      An AI-powered knowledge management system for insurance carriers, agencies, brokerages, and managing general agents

      Brings all of an insurance company’s documents into a single library and makes them searchable using machine learning and natural language processing

      Trained on hundreds of thousands of insurance-specific searches to understand meaning and context in insurance

      Cloud-based and accessible through any internet browser